Now available at ALCHEMY CLOTHING AND SALON in Saskatoon, as well as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

"Demolishment" is coming.

August 18, 2016: prepare yourselves. The debut EP from Saskatoon's own Violent Betty is coming to Vangelis and digital release.

Prepare for some hardcore rock n roll with catchy, thrash-inspired riffs and aggressive female vocals, with some creepy softness.

"Demolishment" is a neo-metallic rock offering you don't want to miss!

Alternative rock, punk, and metal with scorching femme vocals, blistering guitar, and thundering drums.

We've been busy since starting playing out in early 2014. We've played Econoline Crush and the New Jacobin Club, as well as national touring bands like The Wild! and Dusty Tucker.

Our highly anticipated debut EP, "Demolishment", is coming out Thursday Aug 18, 2016! Vangelis on Broadway is hosting the release party.


Violent Betty

DEMOLISHMENT EP - Aug 18th, 2016